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Here you'll learn about The Series  of twelve monographs which form the body of the work entitled: ~ THE PUBLIC'S GUIDE, illustrated on About The Series   Page. Included on that subpage is a link underneath each individual Volume title. When you click on it you will be directed to an individual subpage where you can read  about that particular volume. Another mouse click on Buy Now you can purchase the book directly from the publisher. Each individual Volume deals with a sub-set of germane issues within the broad topic of  fusion energy.
On this home page you'll be introduced to fusion energy, the individual technologies within this broad subject of powerplant technology in the last stages of research and development. The individual Volumes in The Series exhibit why we need fusion energy to come online by 2010-2012. A separate page lists the Master Diagram of  the entire series of twelve monographs. This is the most in-depth, unique treatise on the subject of fusion energy and surrounding issues concerning energy and the environment. 
Readers will also learn About The Author of this Monograph Series.
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Downloadable e-commerce edition Volume I available May 10, 2008.
Paperback Volume I available  through publisher or bokstores late June, early July 2008.
This website was hacked into and removed from the worldwide web on 12/09/04. The entire website and all subsequent subpages were re-built, and re-published on 12/15/04. If viewer has information contact The Institute.