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Write Your Elected Representatives

5.  Copy the following sample letter by using the copy function and then paste it onto your own computer into a new text document;
6.  Then on your own computer, you can fill in the missing information from the foregoing Instruction Numbers 1, 2, 3, save it and print it on your own computer. You may modify the letter however you wish. before sending the letter to your Elected U.S. Congressional Representative: 

                                             YOUR NAME

                                   YOUR  STREET ADDRESS

                       YOUR HOMETOWN, STATE, ZIP CODE



                              today's date



The Honorable Congressional Representative /Senator

Capitol Hill Address

Washington, D.C.  + unique zip code


Re: Congressional budget funding for Research & Development of thermonuclear fusion energy technology


Dear Congressman/woman /Senator                              :


            Recent scientific studies across the board of all living species are pointing toward the irrevocable and irreversible damage that we are perpetrating upon all living species by continuing to combust fossil fuels for our energy needs. The studies are contained in scholarly publications such as Science Magazine of January 21st, 2004, and a more comprehensive book entitled Fusion energy ~ The Publics Guide, Volume I Averting Human Extinction: Energy Policy And ENvironmental Degradation  by Ms. Diane A. Davis.


            These studies confirm the both clinical medical empirical evidence that we are seeing more and more in everyday life by diseases such as infertility, autism, lowered I.Q.s, cancer, ADD, ADHA, dyslexia, learning and behavior anomalies, chronic respiratory diseases and early loss of life, including same sex mating indicators due to the toxic contaminates released as a result of burning fossil fuels.  In addition to the untimely demise of many species, all of these diseases and genetic aberrations are tied to the toxic contaminates from burning fossil fuels which are in our air, drinking water and agricultural soil. 


      These toxic contaminates also damage the nautral genetic composition of specieis, especially mamals, which are subject to the same air, water and agricultural soil as humans.

Upon autopsies of dead mamalian bodies turmors, cancer, both gender reproductive tracts have all been found to exist mimicing human conditions. 


      The toxic contaminates relased as a result of combusting fossil fuels release deady PCBS, CFCs, dioxin, mercury, as well as the loss of chlorophyll from the plankton which feeds our marine food supply throughout the world's great deep ocean currents, resulting in lowered fish supplies, loss of species and economic loss to the fishing industry in the U.S.A.


           The purpose of this letter is to ask you to institute a Bill in the 111th U.S. Congress so that immediate adequate funding may be provided for  thermonuclear fusion energy technology to come online immediately.  This virtually inexhaustible, safe, reliable "green" technology could supply ~87% of our energy fuels, provide an environmentally safe and human safe powerplant technology (Level I/Level II) with by-product fuels for other economic sectors of our economy. Once online, many of the diseases, genetic aberrations, environmental destruction and loss of species could begin to be healed and with the eventual estopple of all fossil fuels, be reversed.  


            Thank you for your kind attention to this request followed by imemdiate action.  For our democracy and our children thank you for voting your conscience to do what is right for America. 


                                                            Yours sincerely,


                                                            Your Name and Signature



 cc: The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President  

       Vice-President Joe Biden


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