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Article Three

ARTICLE THREE                                   


“Thermonuclear Fusion Energy: A ‘Green’ Fuel”


By definition, thermonuclear fusion energy may be considered a “green fuel" because it is self-sustaining once ignition takes place and is self-fustainable due to both the fuel components and the unique features of the technological design supporting that sustainability. 


The fuel components of thermonuclear fusion energy come from heavy water or ordinary sea water that may be found within the proscribed "green design" of 50 miles of the point of the powerplant in the U.S.A. , and do not involve the use of any fossil fuels, therefore it does not pollute with tocis contaminates such as heavy metals, CO2, greenhouse gaes: SOX, NOX, methane, nor PCBs, CFCs. 


This is especially good news because other althernative "green fuels"  such as hydrogen separated from hydrocarbon molecules of natural gas or petroleum oil are not sustainable because both are fossil fuels and have a bounded quantity in the Earth’s crust. 


Moreover, after the hydrogen is separated from the hydrocarbon molecules of the petroleum oil or natural gas, there is a still a waste residue that must be disposed of containing highly toxic contaminants.  


However hydrogen derived from heavy water or ordinary sea water is very pure, plentiful and abundantly renewable as the Earth’s surface is cover by water 70% and is, therefore sustainable. Every molecule of water is composed of 1 O and 2H. The naturally-occurring isotopes of hydrogen found in every molecule of water are among the elemental components of the gas mixture used in thermonuclear fusion energy. 


Under optimum temperature and pressure operating conditions,  these fuel components in a gas mixture bcome a plasma and serve as the fuel blanket whrein the fusion energy reactions take place without cease.


After the gas mixture becomes a plasma (the fourth state of matter) the next stage for the plasma fuel blanket is to reach "ignition" and a burning plasma:  the condition at which the fuel blanket becomes "sustainable"  while permitting constant and continuous thermonuclear fusion energy reactions.


Because there are no fossil fuels used in any phase of thermonuclear fusion energy, it cannot pollute with PCBs or CFCs, heavy metals that cause birth defects, contribute to human activity's carbon footprint, contribute to CO2, NOX or SOX or methane gas contamination of the air, water, agriculture-grazing soil, deepwater sediment.


Proceeding with continous constant burn under optimum conditions the plasma fuel blanket is both self-sustaining and sustainable.  Highly-trained and educated plasma physicists will be in attendance to execute one of the many unique functions of the powerplant technology: siphoning off excess heat from the burning plasma fuel blanket  for the purpose of  turning the turbine generators that produce reliable baseloading clean "green" primary commercial electricity.   


The plasma physicists will also maintain the fuel mix at optimum conditions by a second very unique design feature.  This feature involves the closed-loop cycle of fuel component removal-purification-reintegration for re-use in the reactor chamber located directly adjacent to the purification function room. 


This unique technological feature found only in thermonuclear fusion energy allows immediate onsite in-place re-purification and re-entry implementation of fuel components not requiring any transport off-site or waste burial issues. 


The aim of the U.S. Fusion Energy R&D Program has been to incorporate materials into the engineered design such that each powerplant will be a solid-state machine capable of 100 years or more of continuous service.  When a thermonuclear fusion energy powerlant is finally decommissioned after 100 years or more, only the reactor materials that have been exposed  to Low Level "C" waste in addition to the concrete on which the chamber was mounted will be in need of shallow contained burial.  This is good news as it solves waste-burial issues with High Level "A" waste from our present thermonuclear fission powerplant technology.


In this regard, as a self-sustaining and sustainble non-polluting, non-contaminating technology, thermonuclear fusion energy may be considered a renewable, sustainable or "clean - green  fuel" when online while capable of producing 5 - 6 times the megawattage presently produced by our largest thermonuclear fission reactors for 4 - 5 times longer period of in-service. 


When online, these unique thermonuclear fusion energy technology design features will finally free America of foregin petroleum oil and gas, future economic recessions due to the sudden upward price bidding and competitive dwindling of world oil and gas commodity availability.  


Moreover, because the fuel and power plant materials will be designed and specified, sited, planned, manufactured and constructed here at home, employing American citizens throughout the process, America will finally achieve a state of being energy secure, while creating new jobs for the "green economy".  


With thermonucelar fusion energy technology online for commercial electricity generation, Americans will at long last, be able to achieve a steady-state equilibrium for more predictable fuel costs  for home and business space conditioning and transportation, leaving each family more disposable income for their family's other needs.   Predictable reduced fuel costs  will give  America's working family's a measure of having more economic security and will enable them to save, increasing America's prosperity and reducing America's national debt of $700 - 800BB for imported oil and gas annually, as well as reducing the need for foreign states to buy America's energy debts.


As the "green economy" embraces a platform of thermonuclear fusion energy powerplant technology to underpin our fast-track high-demand energy needs,  America will be able to achieve homeland security because  Her sons and daughters will not be called upon to fight the predicted needless wars on foreign shores over the dwindling supplies of oil and gas.  Whatever oil and gas needed to fuel the American economy will come from within her own territorties, presently known and being explored.


If you are moved by the many advantages of bringing thermonulcear fusion energy online and want to know what you can do to help hasten the clean-green economy, see



For much more information, see FUSION ENERGY ~ THE PUBLIC’S GUIDE, VOLUME I,  VOLUME II, and VOLUME III  in the series of books, films, seminars, lectures or by becoming a Member.


In Article Four, you will learn how thermonuclear fusion energy technology is especially unique in its ability to generate not only 5 - 6 times more electricity per powerplant  but also produce other “green fuels” and “alternative fuels” as by-products that can aide in environmental clean-up and environmental restoration while providing the U.S.A. with ~87% of its fast-track energy demands.


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Author: Diane A. Davis, Founder and CEO

The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology and Public Policy, Inc.