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About "The Institute "



" When 'The People'  are well informed, they may be trusted with their government."   

Thomas Jefferson, 1789
A 501 c 3 not for profit tax exempt research and public education organization with a specific mission, mandate, and goals.
This legal entity was formed in 1989 by Founder and CEO
Diane A. Davis
The Mandate
To fulfill the mission and goals of  "The Institute"  by providing a venue by which "The People" may be kept well informed as to thermonuclear fusion energy science,  technology, R&D, legislation and surrounding energy security issues currently challenging the general electorate.
The Mission
To provide a venue for the general electorate which  bridges the gap  between the professional R&D, engineering,  legislative - policy  setting bodies of government and the general electorate.
The Goal
To research, write and publish high quality books, films, and Member's  Newsletters.
To disseminate germane information by providingeducation  seminars,  lectures, videos and boo talk-presentations on thermonuclear fusion energy science and technology.
Historical Background
"THE INSTITUTE"  is the brainchild of its Founder and CEO, Diane A. Davis.   The conceptual birth of "THE INSTITUTE" developed out of the basic knowledge that when well informed, the American electorate is intelligent enough to make wise decisions that will guide  public policies of their democracy.  This is based on the fact that during the "Cold War " Era the truth had been known only to a few who were present during Senate sub-Committee Hearings on covert efforts to destroy America's and Great Britain's premier  thermonuclear fission ipowerplant ndustry.  Consequentially this led to the public's misinformation,and misperceptions of the truth about  thermonuclear fission power - the true workhorse of  American economy and wealth.   
As a result of this lack of public information, energy policy drifted and the United States fell behind in planning and design-building for Her economy's energy needs.  America became more dependent upon foreign oil and gas.  This  further weakened America geopolitically by dragging Her sons and daughters into expensive and needless oil and gas wars abroad and transferring $800Billion of America's wealth every year to foreign nations for unnecessary commodities. Both electricity and fuel for vehicles could have been produced by America's thermonuclear fission powerplant technology on American soil by American personnel.  America must exploit Her own  technological prowress in thermonuclear fission and fusion energy to move ahead economically as She did in the 1950's and 1960s to regain lost wealth and resources.
 "The Institute"  -  A Concept Born
During her professional architecture program 1982  through 1989, Ms. Davis realized first-hand  the many changes that were taking place in professional practice due to the oil embargos of the 1970s and the new BOCA Energy Laws.   During preparation for writing her Master of Engineering Thesis from 1985 - 1989  Ms. Davis
wrote articles and research papers extensively on thermonuclear powerplant systems and the many issues surrounding energy demand and end-use, nuclear systems and its  technology.
The concept of the need, mandate, and mission  for "The Institute" developed fully  with Ms. Davis at this time.  These  issues were well reported in Ms. Davis' Master's Thesis.  Ms. Davis' Thesis  formed the structure and platform  for "The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy.   Major excerpts from Ms. Davis' Thesis are included in Fusion Energy ~ The Public's Guide Volume IIII: America's Power Production: Responding To The Crisis.
In 1992-93 during her Ph.D. Thesis studies, Ms. Davis was asked to wrrite a series of articles on thermonucelar fusion energy,  her area of research expertise, for the general public in "plain English".  Those original eleven articles formed the platform for the adult book series entitled FUSION ENERGY ~ THE PUBLIC'S GUIDE.   This book series has provided a source of high quality educational material for the general public,  a major goal  of  "The Institute".
Purpose of  " The Institute"
To keep the general public well informed about thermonuclear fusion energy, its science, technology and the many benfits of bringing it online for peaceful electricity generation is the purpose.
   Forming The Mission:
The mission of  "The Institute" is based on the need for the public to be well informed about thermonuclear fusion energy science and technology as well as  the surrounding environmental, public health, geopolitical and socioeconomic issues challenging America to avoid similar social errors made during The "Cold War" Era.   
Democracy can only function - and function well - if the general electorate is well informed of the issues, the needs and the options available to them on a particular wide-reaching subject as energy production and end-use.

The Need:

The need for establishing "The International Institute for Thermonuclar Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy, Incorporated" arose out of The Founder's graduate academic research and scholarly study of peer-reviewed literature,  and further of her own scholarly writing of research articles and monographs, listed subsequently.

Of particular note, the Founder's Master's Thesis entitled: "America's Power Production in Conflict - A Practioner's Perspective: A Scholarly Argument to Establish 'The Institute for Fusion Energy', a.k.a. The Institute for Thermonuclear Fusion Energy, Education, Research and Development, Regulation, Technology, and Public Policy", published with U.S. L.O.C. and U.S. NTIS.  The general public is presented with major excerpts in Fusion Energy ~ The Public's Guide Volume III, and  will want to be familiar with to fully comprehend the challenging issues presently facing America's power production,  and in particular thermonuclear powerplant technology and commercial electricity generation in the U.S.A.

  The Goals:

To provide a unique research and education service venue for both the general public and professional R&D scientific and engieering communities:

  • Provide educational materials during video-presentations and seminars to all groups of interested members of the public;
  • Provide Newsletter to Members on upcoming events and the events which are shaping America's power plant technology in fusion energy R&D;
  • Provide other services to Members such as lobbying and newly-passed U.S. Congressional Bills affecting fusion energy R&D and fusion energy technologies;
  • Provide scholarly documents, publications and monographs to the general public in "plain English";
  • Provide technical research on and write the technical regulatory and specification documents for the newly-developing fusion energy technologies; 
  • Provide profesional contract documents as the power plant technology develops;
  • Provide professional and technical expert witness as power plant technology develops and eventually is on-line;
  • Liaise between public and U.S. Congress during ongoing budget appropriations for R&D;
  • Provide vital statistics necessary to U.S. Congress for budget appropriations for R&D:
  • Provide continuing education and training seminars to those whose professions bring them inside the world of thermonuclear fusion energy, but without the basic scientific training;
  • Provide review for and writing of scholarly Regulatory Guidelines for developing power plant technology design and construction;
  • Provide the general public with scholarly publications to enable their complete comprehension of the necessity for fusion energy in the U.S.A. right now, for a nominal fee.
  • Provide professional liaison between U.S. DOE, NRC, NEPA, U.S. Congress;
  • Provide scholarly and professional design services as fuel technology develops.


The Task Resolution:

To achieve resolution to the needs and goals of "The Institute" by resolving the following necessary tasks in bringing thermonuclear fusion energy technology online for commercial powerplant generation of electr:icity: 

  • Provide professoinal design contract documents for the initial demonstration plant.
  • Provide professional technical research specification documents for the initial demonstration plant.
  • Provide professional regulatory contract documents for the prototypical demonstration plant.
  • Provide first-time unique contract SOPs, PMs documents and start-up Training Maintenance and Operation Manuals for the initial commercial demonstration plant.



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