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Article One

ARTICLE ONE                                          


    “Fossil Fuels and Birth Defects”

On December 25th, 2008, mainstream media reported one of several such recent coal slurry ponds broke through its retaining walls and spilled out into the neighboring vicinity, burying homes, spilling pcbs and heavy metal contaminants into the air, water and soil where food is grown, livestock feed and drink from downstream, also contaminating underground acquifers that supply drinking water to other vicinities.

Pregnant women and their prenatal children living in the affected geographic vicinity of the slurry spill would have been subjected to those environmental contaminants: the hazards of heavy metals and pcbs from the partially-combusted coal. 

Lowered I.Q.s, autism (increasing exponentially every year), learning and behavior disabilities, gender confusion have all been linked in peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature to the gestating embryo's exposure through the mother’s blood in the umbilical chord to heavy metals, pcbs and cfcs during that sensitive period of prenatal development

As the exposed child matures and becomes an adult, other diseases and disabilities become apparent:  infertility, endometriosis, blood, breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer men causally-related to untimely deaths, robbing individuals of their full human potential, family members of their loved one, and society of that person’s contribution.  

(For some of these very important scientific studies and statistics, see Fusion Energy ~ The Public's Guide Volume I Averting Human Extinction: Energy Policy And Environmental Degradation)

Isn’t it time that all concerned Americans contact their U.S. Representatives, and The White House demanding that now is the time to bring online thermonuclear fusion energy that does not use any fossil fuel and will not contribute pcbs, heavy metals, cfcs or partially-combusted toxic waste to environmental, species or human genetic aberrations or destruction?

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Author: Diane A. Davis, Founder and CEO
The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy 
Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy, Inc.