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Article Eight



“A Viable Resolution To America's Clean-Green Economy: A Technology Waiting In The Wings”


In the foregoing series of articles, everyone of us requiring energy in the form of electricity or transportation fuel can appreciate the issues presented and discussed within.  


In this article, which follows on Volume VII of the adult series of books and films, you will learn how one technology, now waiting in the wings to receive attention for coming online, will fulfill all the problematical issues involved with other in-place technologies, presently available.


We could bring this technology online fairly rapidly if the public’s interest and the public’s voice were to be heard above special interest groups lobbying to keep fossil fuels in the forefront in bicameral halls of the 111th Congress and  White House.  Such resoltion "By the People", would end the dilemma of how and when to initiate the clean-green hydrogen economy and begin a true recovery economically and environmentally.


This is a task that I must leave to my fellow Americans for your author is but  one vote and one voice heard, one concerned citizen's  letters and urgings. 


In the U.S. we have seen the power exercised by the families of  victims of the 9/11 tragedy and the great power to achieve their will for the honorable memory of their family member.  Yes, there is great power in numbers.


Imagine how fast we could bring thermonuclear fusion energy online if the American electorate would understand the many benefits of bringing thermonuclear fusion energy online now (see Introductory Video) wit consequential energy, environmental and public health benefits that not only we in the U.S.A. would reap, but also reap for our trading partners, political allies and our geographical neighbors all of whom  would also benefit from such a resounding loud voice on the part of the American Electorate.   


The power of the American Electorate should never be underestimated.  Recently, we saw the Will of the People and the power of their numbers expressed in the 63% majority that elected President Barack H. Obama in November 2008.  That same resoundingly clear, loud voice from America's general electorate is  necessary if we are to direct the budget funding within Congress making possible thermonuclear fusion energy be brought online now, instead of waiting in the wings for some distant event to occur such as a catastrophic natural disaster or needless war over oil and gas.  For this to happen, The People” must speak and demand that thermonuclear fusion technology be brought online now! 


Here is what we all have to gain from voicing our demand to Congress that thermonuclear fusion energy be brought online right now: 

·        Many new Jobs for Americans here at home with anticipated full employment economy.

·        New modern infrastructure through America putting architects and consulting engineers and scientists and urban planners back to work.

·        Revival of America’s steel industry

·        Renewed U.S steel workers jobs

·        Revival of closed dormant U.S. steel manufacturing plants.

·        Elimination of heavy metals, slurry sludge spills, pcbs and cfcs in air, water and agriculture-grazing soil.

·        Elimination of much of the ground-level ozone responsible for the smog that sits on top of major cities causally-related to temperature inversion.

·        Elimination of ground-level ozone-related chronic allergies, chronic asthma attacks, chronic bronchitis, many cases of lung disease, black lung disease, upper respiratory infections, lowered immune response to colds, viruses and flus.

·        Lowered medical bills and health insurance premium bills

·        Lowered case numbers of infertility and endometriosis

·        Lowered case numbers of autism and other learning and behavioral disabilities and diseases.

·        Lowered case numbers of prostrate, breast and blood cancer.

·        Lowered numbers of terminal illnesses due to ground-level ozone known carcinogens.

·        Lowered numbers of radon and radon daughters and black lung disease, lost miners and dangerous collapsed coal mines.

·        Elimination of foreign nation dependency for petroleum oil and natural gas in the form of LNG.

·        Elimination of foreign state interference in America’s foreign policies by coercion of oil and gas supplies and prices. Elimination of America’s having to enter future wars fought over oil and gas assets in foreign states that do not want American interests there.

·        Elimination of asking America’s precious sons and daughters to go overseas to protect American oil and gas facilities as in the 1990 and 2003 Wars in Iraq.

·        Affordable, reliably priced electricity to base-load America’s growing economy.

·        Affordable reliably priced transportation fuel in all sectors of American transportation economy: marine, aviation, passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks, municipal cars and emergency vehicles, municipal buses.

·        Drastic reduction in human activity carbon footprint.

·        Drastic clean up of ambient atmosphere with return to 7.0 pH in drinking water.

·        Reduction in case numbers of children born with birth defects.



In FUSION ENERGY ~ THE PUBLIC’S GUIDE VOLUME VII: THE UNIQUE ROLE OF FUSION ENERGY IN THE ONCOMING HYDROGEN ECONOMY, the author lays it all out in text, statistics, charts and graphs, drawings, renderings, and infrastructure platform design and construction, powerplant technology, economics, manufacturing, production of fuel, distribution and supply, new products required, manufacturing, plants and best of all: new jobs created for the clean, green economy that simply will not be possible with any of today’s available technologies in this unique manner. 
With thermonuclear fusion energy online for powerplant technology throughout America, at long last, the initiation of the clean-green hydrogen economy will be possible.
For more information see, educational materials: books, films, video and lecture presentations.
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Author: Diane A. Davis, Founder and CEO
The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy, Inc.