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Volume III


Book Identification:
U.S. L.O.C. TXu 204-972
ISBN 978-0-9800166-0-4 (Complete Jacketed Series)
ISBN 978-0-9800166-0-0 (e-commerce)
ISBN 978-0-9800166-0-0 (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-9816600-0-0 (documentary film)
ISBN 978-0-9800166-0-0 (hardback)
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Volume III uncovers historical geo-political facts and reveals vital information concerning  the premier thermonuclear fission power induatry of America and the U.K.  during the "Cold War" period, and how these little-known facts led to popular misconceptions  and misperceptions of many within the general electorate.
Through deep-cover research, a  scholarly presentation of the pertinent and germane precipating factors, Volume III illustrates the need to establish the author's International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy.
In Part II of Volume III, the author illustrates why the U.S. cannot meet its fast-track demand energy requirements without a well-developed paradigm shift outlined in Part III.
In Part III of Volume III, the author exhibits to the reader a practical paradigm as to how America could beneficially employ underutilized power facilities to immediately solve ~87% of its present-day energy vs. environmental and public health challenges, put Americans back to work, and begin to remediate environmental and species destruction in the process.  Paradigm is presented graphically by hand sketches and drawings.
Content Questions:
1. What was the role of the Senate sub-Committee on covert un-American activities in America?
2.  How did America erroneously veer off onto the present day over-dependence on foreign oil and gas?
3.  Which Federal Agency operates without Congressional oversight at the will and discretion of the President of the United States?
4.  Why is the Third Branch of American Federal Government failing the American general electorate in its responsibilities?
5.  What were the precipiating factors leading to the populist NYMM and NYMBY Syndromes in the U.S. and U.K.?
6. What are the principal reasons for the loss of confidence in America's and the U.K.'s  thermonuclear fission industry?
7.  What are reasons why the present pathway of "alternate" energy sources ineffective and more expensive than thermonuclear energy?
8. Why won't America reach its desired goal of creatng a "green eco nomy" with the present "alternate" energy sources?
9.  How has regulation led to the destruction of "The American Dream"?
10. Stiff regulation is a must-need in which industries?
11. How many underutlized power generating facilities exist in the U.S. today?
12.  How many MW of potential electrical power are presently being underutilized?
13.  Is there a paradigm for optimum utilization for America's power generating facilities?
14.  How can a developed paradigm add to America's fast-track energy demand? 
15.  How can a developed paradigm add to  America's economic development  and progress?
16.  How can ta well-developed paradigm add to an improvement in America's public health and reduce lost days from school and work, higher medical and health insurance bills?
17.  How can a well-developed paradigm propitiously utilizing America's underutilied power generating facilities aid in cleaning up the environment?
18.  How can a well-developed paradigm propitiously utilizing America's underutilized power generating facilities aid in producing
fuel-by products from electricity generation that will supply other energy sectors with inexpensively generated and distributed fuels?
19.  What is the key to developing a sustainable, reliable, base-loading power generating technology?
20.  How can a well-developed paradigm employing America's  underutilized power generating facitilies create more jobs for American's here at home in the U.S.A.
21.  How can America use aleady proven thermonuclear  power generating technolgoy to resolve its present energy vs. environmental challenges to the benefit of the larger worldwide society, thereby greatly reducing its contribution to worldwide hunger ? How can
22.  How can American use already proven thermonuclear power generating technology to arrest the destruction of the Amazon Jungle and worldwide deforestation?
23.  Is it possible for America to assume  a lead role in world
geopolitical energy vs. environmental leadership by optimally employing U.S. underutilized power generating facilities?
24.  How can the U.S. optimize its investment in thermonuclear energy R&D to spur the economy while maizmizing the technology curretnly available?

Expected Book Availability: End 2009
Expected Availability Documentary Film: Mid-2010
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