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Founder - Author


Diane A. Davis is the Founder and CEO of The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy. 
As an expert practioner, researcher,  teacher and author, Ms. Davis has written the complete adult monograph series  published under the major title of FUSION ENERGY ~ THE PUBLIC'S GUIDE,  follow-on documentary films, the Introductory Video posted on this website and U-Tube, as well as a children's book and film series in her graduate area of expertise: thermonuclear  ("hot") fusion energy.

In 1982 while studying architecture, Ms. Davis began researching and studying many types of alternate energy systems as well as thermonuclear powerplant systems, the socio-economic and the political aspects of electricity generation and national policy. 
In 1987 - 1989, while researching for her Master of Engineering thesis, Ms. Davis began studying scholarly literature in thermonuclear fusion and fission power systems as well as  the attendant environmental destruction,  utility generation,  end-user, regulatory, sustainability and "Cold War" public policy challenges of energy production.  The peer-reviewed literature indicated a crucial need to establish a public venue for research and public education in energy and environmental issues germane  to thermonuclear power generation. 
In 1989, that conclusion derived and identified public need became the theme of Ms. Davis' Master's Thesis as well as the establishment in late 1989 of  The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education R&D Regulation Technology and Public Policy , Ms. Davis' brainchild.  Major excerpts may be read in Volume III  of the adult's  Series.
In 1989, while practicing energy and environmental engineering, Ms. Davis was urged to continue her graduate studies and immediately began work on her doctoral dissertation in 1989-1990 on thermonuclear fusion energy powerplant systems.  Major excerpts of that dissertation may be read in Volume VIII of the Series.
In 1992 - 93, while practicing energy engineering and studying as a doctoral student, Ms. Davis was asked by her expert dissertation advisor to write a series of articles on her area of research expertise: thermonuclear fusion energy for the general public in "plain English".  The request was made of Ms. Davis because the general public knew very little about "hot" fusion as the majority of published peer-reviewed articles required advanced scientific knowledge to understand. 
Throughout 1992 - 1997, wiritng those original eleven articles formed the platform for the present day twelve book adult series that developed between 1997 - 2004.  That series is published under the major title of   FUSION ENERGY ~ THE PUBLIC'S GUIDE.
The books and films, seminars, lectures, introductory video, and Member's Newsletter are provided as a public service to anyone of the worldwide general public who wishes to learn about thermonuclear fusion energy and the attendant environmental destruction, global warming and climate change,  loss of species, genetic aberrations in humans and mamals, terminal illnesses and public health risks we are facing as we remain dependent on fossil fuels.
While Ms. Davis continues to practice professionally and serves on a number of sub-committees for The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) in thermonuclear energy fuels, materials nad system processes, she also gives lectures and seminars, teaches at the college level in professional practice and is the author of 18 other monographs on matters pertaining to energy engineering, architecture, design and professional practice.
For the good of the whole,  Ms. Davis  has given a great deal of thought, care and taken extraordinary effort in preparing high-quality educational materials as reader-friendly aides that will enlighten as well as make relaxation time enjoyable for anyone who wants to be a well informed member of the general electorate.  

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