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Introductory Video



Dr. Edward Kintner of GPU once said: "[thermo] nuclear fission power [plant technology] is the thinking man's best alternative [for generating commercial electricity]."   Due to America's active Thermonuclear Fusion Energy R&D Program since 1946, today we can anticipate that thermonuclear fission powerplant technology has been surpassed in many ways by thermonuclear fusion energy that will provide optimum energy benefits for the good of the whole of  the larger worldwide society.
Thermonuclear fusion technology presents to us the ultimate best  source of energy by which to generate commercial electricity on our own soil, by our own citizens using readily available fuel components  found in everyday nature that do not have to be mined from the gound, lying within our own geographic borders.  
Once online, thermonuclear fusion energy will present an  inexhaustible and 100% sustainable "green"  energy technology as it uses all natural fuel components from local resources, without presenting the current challenges we face from mining and burning fossil fuels or the waste burial managment issues of fission to generate commercial electricity.  Thermonuclear fusion energy powerplant technology cannot be used for  aggressive or destructive purposes and does not  present  evacuation siting plan or waste burial management design issues.
This short introductory video wil tell you more about thermonuclear fusion energy.  The video's purpose is to provide you with an educational tool that  facilitates quick understanding of the basic concepts of  thermonuclear fusion energy.  With this basic understanding, the viewer will be ready to read the adult series of books or view the documentary films. 

(Thank you for your patience.  The video will be available shortly. )

The video script was written by Diane A. Davis, author of the twelve book adult series: FUSION ENERGY ~ THE PUBLIC'S GUIDE , also Founder and CEO of The International Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology and Public Policy, Incorporated.  
The video was coordinated, directed and produced by Professor Philip A. Hopper together with the School of Fine Arts Communications Department students at the  facilities of New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan and Old Wesbury Campuses.  The project was facilitated by Mr. Joseph Fortine, Director, Office of  Alumni. 
This inroductory video appears at the beginning of each  documentary film released after publication of each book in the adult's series.  The video is protected by U.S. Library of Congress Copyrights Division of Performing Arts and ISBN registration. No part of the video may be reproduced or transferred by any means without the express written consent of the author and The Institute For Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Education, R&D, Regulation, Technology And Public Policy, Incorporated.
Thank you for viewing the Introductory Video on thermonuclear fusion energy. 
We would appreciate knowing your comments or queries concerning the video.

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