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About the Series

Below are listed the sub-titles of each book in Ms. Davis' adult 's and children's series.
The adult series contains twelve volumes, the children's series three.  Post-publication of each book will be a follow-on documentary film for that title. 
All books and films in both series have received U.S. Library of Congress Catalog Numbers, U.S. Library of Congress Copyrights Identification and  ISBN designations.  These identifiers and designations protect the intellectual property, research and writing.
If you want to learn more about an individual book in the series, click on that  book volume number below: you will be directed to the book's jacket and summary questions along with selected excerpted text.
VOLUME I: Averting Human Extinction: Energy Policy And Environmental Degradation
VOLUME II:  Harnessing Celestial Star Power - An Introduction to the Dream and Technology
VOLUME III: America's Power Production: Responding To The Crisis  (includes major excerpts from author's
Master of Engineering Thesis)
VOLUME IV:  'We the People'...The Direct Beneficiaries of Fusion Energy Research and Development;
VOLUME V: The Who's Who of Fusion Energy: The Scientists And Their Contributions 
VOLUME VI: Recent Advances: The Politics of Progress
VOLUME VII:  The Unique Role Of  Fusion Energy In The Oncoming Hydrogen Economy
VOLUME VIII: Safety and Environmental Aspects of  Thermonuclear Fusion Energy Technology (includes major excerpts from author's Ph.D. Dissertation)
VOLUME IX:  The Morphology of 21st Century Energy: A Model For World Peace And Sustainability
VOLUME X:  An Anthology In Time And Space With Relevant Terms And Concepts  (A Companion Reader To The Series)
VOLUME XI:  Vanguard of Planet Earth
VOLUME XII:  Beacon Of Light, Harbinger of Hope

To learn more about fusion energy, the science involved, where we're headed as a nation in our energy policies and more Q&As:
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